Remon® – the complete solution for security and monitoring

If you own a caravan, motorhome or boat that is empty for periods of time, you will naturally have concerns about security and damage. Remon® will constantly monitor the status of your asset, take action as necessary and notify issues by SMS text straight to your mobile phone.

Remon® is a comprehensive and secure solution that provides peace-of-mind about the status of your caravan, motorhome or boat.

Remon® records temperature, humidity, battery status, location and movement. It provides very local weather conditions from the British Met Office with a 5 day, 3-hourly forecast.

Data is securely stored and can be accessed for current values, to monitor trends and to show information from previous journeys.

    • Real-time satellite view of your RV location
    • Real-time read-out of:
      • Battery status
      • Relative Humidity
      • Internal Temperature
      • Local weather including wind strength and direction, rain probability and amount
    • Plan your excursions based upon accurate local weather reports
    • Remon® reads data from the nearest Met. Office weather station and gives a local 5 day forecast for your RV
    • Want to check out a favourite site layout?
    • Want to book the same or different pitch
    • What was the weather like when you were there?
    • Remon® stores all the data it acquires for your future reference and gives you a satellite view of your holiday location, plus a full weather report for the time you were there
    • Remon® displays Battery, Temperature, Relative Humidity and Barometric pressure readings in a graphical format.
    • Check any date range for a reading
    • Investigate why your RV’s battery started to lose charge – does it correlate to temperature or humidity issues?
    • See when high Relative Humidity and low temperatures may have started to cause “damp” issues
    • Check to see if a window or roof vent has been left open to the weather which will affect moisture levels in your RV
    • During periods of storage or when left unattended on site whilst holidaying Remon® will alert you to Collision, Intruder and theft
    • Using a combination of accelerometer and barometric pressure sensors Remon® will send an instant SMS to your phone to alert you!